Online Music Lessons – Are they any good?

The growth rate of online education seems to be limitless. A lot of people are taking graduate and undergraduate courses online through accredited and non-accredited learning programs. Online music lessons are already filling the much-needed gap in teaching music lessons especially for students who are in rural areas and lack have access to music teachers or busy students that have trouble in fitting music lessons into their daily schedules.

Studying how to play a musical instrument using online classes has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to take into consideration these factors before deciding to use the online lessons in your quest of learning how to play an instrument. Therefore, what are the online music lesson benefits?


The Advantages of Online Music Lessons

There’s no doubt that the act of hiring a music teacher and then going for lessons remains still the best way to learn how to play an instrument. Nevertheless, not every person is willing to spend his cash on the expensive hourly rates that are imposed by many music teachers. A lot of people either can’t afford it or they don’t feel that they actually require in-depth lessons. For the latter reason, they only want to learn playing the instrument e.g. the guitar to the bass guitar so as to impress friends and entertain people during any given gathering but they do not want to become professional musicians.


Example of Online Bass Guitar Lessons

Online music lessons are more successful and dynamic as compared to one-on-one lessons for beginners and intermediate players. They are more affordable, which makes them perfect for beginners and intermediate players who lack the interest of becoming professional musicians. These lessons also have animated images, graphics and demo sounds which make it easy and more interactive for a person to learn. In the event that you are stuck, one can easily ask for assistance from other musicians in online forums and from support. All you have to do is emailing the person who provided the online lessons and you will get assistance.

Online lessons are inexpensive and even free at times.

Another benefit of having online music lessons is the fact that they’re generally inexpensive and even free at times. On the contrary, one-on-one lessons are often expensive and most people might not find it to be cost-effective.


Example of Online Guitar Lessons

Also, you can manage to work on online music lessons from the comfort of your home and also during your spare time. The lessons are easier to squeeze in any busy schedule. In addition, you don’t have to drive to the teacher’s house in order to take the lessons.


The Disadvantages of Online Music Lessons

If affordability and flexibility are the two major advantages of online music lessons, then its biggest disadvantage is the mere fact that you can’t have them customized so as to fit your personal learning requirements. Online music lessons are standardized and you can’t ask the individual who provided these lessons to modify them so as to suit your personal needs. On the other hand, one-on-one music lessons will enable the teacher to adjust the lessons according to your specific learning needs.

Also, with online music lessons, you’re pretty much on your own when taking the lessons. As such, no one will be available to listen to you and even correct the mistakes that you make as you play the instrument. Therefore, if you learn playing certain chords or fingerings wrongly, you are likely to get stuck with it. Furthermore, you’ll also have to work extra hard on getting motivated so as to continue with your self-teaching because there’s no one who can applaud you for your progress.

A temptation which is commonly faced by the people who learn playing an instrument online is the fact they usually tend to rush through the online lessons. This is mainly because the teaching methods do not appeal to them. As a result, most of their learning needs are not met. In such instances, you might want to focus on a teaching program that has a standard curriculum and tries to respond to all the needs of beginner and intermediate players. As a result, one-on-one music lessons become more appropriate in such situations.


To Sum it all Up

Using online music lessons in learning how to play an instrument has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages as well. It all depends entirely on whether you choose to use them or not. If you’re a casual student who just needs to learn playing for fun, then online lessons are enough. However, if you’re seriously considering a professional career, then the best option is having one-on-one music lessons.

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