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I always wanted to learn Blues Guitar but when I grew up there was nobody who could teach that style of music around where I lived. Today this is all totally different. To learn how to play blues guitar you have several options.

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Blues is the foundation to Learn Lead Guitar

To learn blues guitar is in my opinion the basis to learn electric guitar and to learn lead guitar. So, if you want to learn electric guitar or if you want to learn lead guitar then you definitely should think about learning blues guitar first. It does not really matter whether you start learning blues guitar on an acoustic guitar or on an electric guitar. The important thing is that you learn what makes the blues sound like the blues. You can learn many different techniques and styles within learning the blues that have influenced modern lead guitar and electric guitar playing.

Techniques like bending, vibrato, hammer-on, pull-off, slide, harmonic concepts like the 12 bar blues progression, the blues scale, or the pentatonic scale, are all needed when you are planning to become a rock good who can play lead guitar on the electric and the acoustic guitar.


The hard way to Learn Blues Guitar

The hardest way to learn blues guitar is to try an learn it by yourself. You can do this by listening to records and figuring out what is being played. I think this approach can work if you are a musical genius. For most of us however this is a very hard approach that will take a very long time.


The normal way to Learn Blues Guitar

Most people hire a local guitar teacher and learn some things from the odd Youtube video. The problem with this is that the instructor may not have the best qualifications. With this approach you are learning your way haphazardly forward without a structured learning approach. The teacher is only available at a specific time for a limited period. The Youtube video shows little bits of information but is not able to explain intricate details.  Overall it is not best practice and you are not progressing a fast as you could.


Learn Blues Guitar the Fast Way!

If you are serious about wanting to learn blues guitar, learn electric guitar and learn lead guitar then you need to sign up with a online service that has been in business for a long time and knows what they are doing. MIT Like most of the universities these days offers online courses because they work. And the same is valid for guitar lessons.

Here a are come of the advantages of using an online guitar lesson site.

  • Professional Guitar Players as Instructors
  • Available all the time
  • Full band backing track for practice
  • Multi-angle videos
  • Tablature music notation
  • Gear and Tone sections
  • Licensed Songs
  • …….. and much more


The best way to Learn Blues Guitar

Now, this brings me to the best way to learn blues guitar, learn electric guitar, learn lead guitar, learn acoustic guitar or any other way of playing guitar for that matter.

All this things considered, the way that lets you learn to play guitar the most economical, fastest and most sensible way is to sing up with Guitar Tricks Online Lessons. Check out this review http://www.ireallylikeguitars.com/guitar-tricks-review/ if you are unsure.

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Enjoy your way to learn blues guitar – let me know how you go and what you think.

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