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We are all about the WA lifestyle and the music scene. Here are some pics to get you into the lifestyle mood and some videos to see and hear for yourself what WA music is all about.

The sun is shining an average of 8 hours a day. Where else in the world can you get this. Life’s a beach and life happens at the beach wherever you go.  Western Australia is still pretty isolated. This means that we are open to new influences qand ready to integrate and make it our own; Be it music or people.

The people are friendly and laid-back and so is the music. Check it out!

The WestAU Lifestyle

We are all about the WA lifestyle and music scene. Here are some pics to get you into the lifestyle mood. for the music you need to get into the blog

Bussleton Jetty


Rottnest Island


The WestAU Music


INXS The Farriss Brothers Perth’s most famous musicians!

INXS the band has sold over 30 million records and was number one in 4 different continents. The band has performed more than 4000 live shows in front of over 25 million people. Next to AC/DC, INXS are Australia’s all-time most successful rock band, They have performed in more than 50 countries.


The Waifs

The Waifs – Josh Cunningham, Donna Simpson, Vikki Thorn

“The Waifs are an Australian folk rock band formed in 1992 by sisters Vikki Thorn and Donna Simpson as well as Josh Cunningham. Their tour and recording band includes Ben Franz and David Ross Macdonald.”Wikipedia


More Musical Acts

There is so much more! Check out the List of Musical Acts from Western Australia or find what is going on in Perth’s Music Scene right now!


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